Lifestyle Hack

6 years ago I lost 31 pounds, got fit, and created a lifestyle for myself that I have easily maintained. It takes consistency and commitment to reach your goals. There is no need to starve yourself, cut out foods, do only certain workouts, or wait to be happy. You can find your happy all along the way, because this brand of consistency and commitment comes from within and will only bring you joy.

I support just about any type of workout for my clients. Beachbody personally changed my life and continues to be my "go to" workout along with spin class. I am a successful Beachbody coach and certified P90X Live trainer. I have completed multiple Beachbody workout programs. It takes making yourself a priority to meet your fitness goals. I'll show you how.

I am a former TV news anchor and reporter who understands self confidence is a learned behavior which helps you achieve goals in every aspect of your life.

I am a former Weight Watchers Leader and Ambassador who knows it takes accountability and slow, mindful steps to make healthy and happy food choices. 

I am a make-up artist who can show you how in just a few minutes you can feel better by enhancing your natural beauty. When we feel confident we tend to make better health choices and create a positive mindset.

My joy is paying my success forward. There is no lifestyle consultant who cares more. My goal is to reach as many people as possible and help them be the best version of themselves. I want to help you reduce your chances of health problems and create a long, fulfilling, healthy life.​